Salt Plains
Rockpoint owns and operates the Salt Plains natural gas storage facility which is located in Grant County, Oklahoma, very close to the town of Manchester, and the Kansas border. The Salt Plains gas storage facility takes its name from the nearby Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge, a natural Oklahoma habitat featuring salt flats that provide refuge to a variety of waterfowl. Salt Plains consists of a depleted natural gas reservoir with storage wells connected to compression and dehydration facilities by 6 miles of gathering lines. The facilities are located on rural farmland and are tied into both Southern Star Central Pipeline (SSCP) and ONEOK Gas Transportation (OGT) transmission lines.
Salt Plains Contact
Kraig McConaghy
Vice President, Trading
Sheri Doell
Vice President, Origination And Renewable Energy
Emergency Contact
Manchester, Oklahoma
Working Gas Capacity
Maximum Injection Rate
Maximum Withdrawal Rate
Pipeline Interconnections
Southern Star Central Pipeline, ONEOK Gas Transportation
Customer Information
We provide customizable storage services at negotiated rates. Traditional, counter-cyclic, and multi-cycle configurations are available to our customers. However, most services will fall into one of two basic categories: Firm Storage Services (one year or more,) or Short Term Services (interruptible or firm, but less than one year.)
Our Storage Services Agreement establishes a contractual umbrella between Salt Plains and its customer and adopts, among other aspects, the general procedures, terms and conditions, and credit requirements outlined in the Statement of Operating Conditions. However, signing the Storage Services Agreement does not obligate a customer to enter into or perform any particular transaction; rather it only becomes operative and binding on the parties when the customer and Salt Plans take the next step and enter into a transaction through executing an Appendix FSS or Appendix STS. Please review the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission-approved Statement of Operating Conditions below for further detail.
Statement of Operation Conditions – Salt Plains Storage, LLC – Effective April 1, 2019