The AECO Hub™, one of Rockpoint’s commercial natural gas storage business in Alberta, Canada, is comprised of two gas storage facilities:

(1) Suffield Gas Storage Facility; and (2) the Countess Gas Storage Facility.


The AECO Hub™ natural gas storage operations are located in the heart of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. Although the two AECO Hub™ facilities are geographically separated across Alberta, the toll design of the TransCanada Pipelines Alberta System means that they are both, commercially, located at the same point (commonly still referred to as the “Nova” system). This allows our storage customers access to a very liquid marketplace without incurring incremental transportation costs.


Click here (PDF, 101KB) for a map of the AECO Hub™ with respect to surrounding pipelines.



Suffield Facility


The Suffield Facility is located in southeastern Alberta near Medicine Hat and close to the Nova system’s ‘eastern gate’, where gas is delivered into TransCanada’s Canadian Mainline and the Foothills/Northern Border Pipeline systems. This is the largest delivery point for Alberta natural gas. Storage withdrawals are hydraulically valuable at this location, and provide security for downstream markets in the event of an upstream constraint or outage.



Countess Facility


The Countess Facility is located in south-central Alberta, south of Drumheller, and is a versatile facility in a location that can benefit from both injection and withdrawal flexibility.






The two facilities contribute to the total capability in approximate proportion to their working gas capacities:





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Customer Information


We provide customizable storage services at negotiated rates. However, most services will fall into one of two basic categories: Firm Storage Services (one year or more), or Short Term Services (interruptible or firm, but less than one year).


Our Storage Services Agreement establishes a contractual umbrella between AECO and its customer and adopts, among other aspects, the general procedures, terms and conditions and credit requirements outlined in the Tariff. However, signing the Storage Services Agreement does not obligate a customer to enter into or perform any particular transaction; rather it only becomes operative and binding on the parties when a customer and AECO take the next step and enter into a transaction through executing an Appendix FSS or Appendix STS.


Please review the Tariff below for further detail.


AECO Hub™ Tariff (Version 08-17) - AECO Hub™ Tariff  (PDF, 462KB)