Lodi Gas Storage


In commercial operation since 2002, the Lodi Gas Storage natural gas storage complex is a high deliverability, and multi-turn depleted reservoir natural gas storage facility strategically located in Northern California’s growing load areas near the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento demand centers.


Lodi is connected to the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) intrastate gas pipeline system (PG&E lines 400 and 401). It currently provides 31.0 Bcf of working gas capacity through two fully integrated natural gas storage facilities – Lodi and Kirby Hills.








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Lodi Gas Storage is a natural gas public utility regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. Lodi offers firm and interruptible natural gas storage services under a published tariff at market based rates. Our Tariff and example firm and interruptible storage service schedules are available to view or print below.


Lodi Tariff (PDF)


Compliance Postings


Order 112-F Public Liason Activites (PDF)

Order 112-F Whistleblower Notice (PDF)

LGS – R15-01-008 – 2019 Annual Report (PDF)