Tres Palacios Gas Storage


Rockpoint Gas Storage also has a 49% ownership of the Tres Palacios Gas Storage facility located in Matagorda County, Texas. This salt cavern facility is operated by Crestwood Equity Partners LP with Rockpoint managing 15 Bcf of its own firm storage capacity.









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The facility offers natural gas storage and wheeling services and is connected to 10 interstate and intrastate pipelines via a 60 mile 24” bi-directional header system. The interconnects offer the ability to serve multiple markets in the Midwest, Texas, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast & Southeast United States regions as well as Mexico.


From time to time, Rockpoint may seek to release some or all of its firm service entitlements on a full day or intraday basis, on a permanent or a temporary basis, and on a firm or recallable basis to others, subject to the terms and conditions under the FERC Gas Tariff of Tres Palacios Gas Storage LLC.


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