Wild Goose Storage


Rockpoint owns and operates the Wild Goose Storage Facility located in the southwest corner of Butte County near the town of Gridley in northern California at the site of the depleted Wild Goose natural gas field. From 1951 through the mid-1980s, this field produced over 100 billion cubic feet of natural gas. It was the first independent natural gas storage facility built in the state. The facility commenced full commercial operations in April 1999.  Customers have direct access to Pacific Gas and Electric’s (PG&E) backbone system on Lines 400/401 as well as Line 167 and are effectively located at the PG&E Citygate.








Thank you for your interest in Wild Goose. If you would like more information about our services, or have any comments or suggestions, call or e-mail us at:


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Customer Information


We provide customizable storage services at negotiated rates. Traditional, counter-cyclic, multi-cycle configurations are available to our customers. However, most services will fall into one of two basic categories: Firm Storage Services (one year or more), or Short Term Services (interruptible or firm, but less than one year).


Our Storage Services Agreement establishes a contractual umbrella between Wild Goose and its customer and adopts, among other aspects, the general procedures, terms and conditions and credit requirements outlined in the Tariff. However, signing the Storage Services Agreement does not oblige a customer to enter into or perform any particular transaction; rather it only becomes operative and binding on the parties when a customer and Wild Goose take the next step and enter into a transaction through executing an Appendix FSS or Appendix STS. Please review the Tariff below for further detail.


Tariff Schedules for Wild Goose Storage, LLC – Effective April 1, 2016


Compliance Postings


Order 112-F Public Liason Activites (PDF)

Order 112-F Whistleblower Notice (PDF)

WGS - R15-01-008 – 2019 Annual Report (PDF)