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HSE Commitment
We at Rockpoint Gas Storage (Rockpoint) are committed to working in a responsible manner, one that prioritizes the well-being and protection of our workers, the public, and the environment.
We will operate our facilities in a manner that respects the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers, communities, and the environment in which we operate. Rockpoint will ensure that:
  • Compliance with Health, Safety, and Environmental rules and regulations come first, regardless of the magnitude or urgency of the job.
  • Personnel are available to provide the resources and guidance necessary for continuous improvement to health, safety, and environmental procedures.
  • Our employees are provided with the tools and training necessary to allow them to conduct their work in a healthy, safe, and environmentally productive manner.
HSE Principles
Rockpoint believes that the health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees, contractors, customers, and the public are the highest priority. It is our goal and objective to operate our business in such a way as to prevent harm to people and to protect the environment. We will comply with all applicable health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations. It is the expectation that all workers, on Rockpoint work sites, adhere to company health, safety, and environmental practices as well as applicable government laws and regulations. We will not jeopardize or compromise our HSE principles for profit or production.
Health and Safety
  • Every worker employed on a Rockpoint work site has the right to a healthy and safe environment.
  • Rockpoint embraces a 100% compliant healthy and safe culture and places the protection of people from injury above all other management considerations.
  • Prior to the commencement of work, safe work procedures shall be developed, reviewed by all affected workers, and adhered to.
  • Personal Protective Equipment is made available and must be used.
  • Rockpoint is committed to responsible stewardship of the environment at our worksites, as appropriate for our industry.
  • As part of ongoing efforts to protect the environment, Rockpoint will comply with environment regulations and agreements to continuously improve our environment management practices.
  • Rockpoint will take steps to improve environmental protection, use sustainable business processes and practices that minimize waste, prevent pollution, and dispose of waste safely and responsibly.
  • Our facilities will be operated in an environmentally friendly, and socially responsible manner and to reduce waste, emissions, and discharges from our operations.
The success of the Rockpoint Health, Safety, & Environmental program depends on the adherence and cooperation of all Rockpoint employees and contractors. We must all strive to protect the health and safety of ourselves, fellow workers, general public, and the environment.
No job is so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely.
Tobias (Toby) J. McKenna
Chief Executive Officer
Rockpoint Gas Storage
December 2020
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